Buying a Home With Big Trees

There’s no denying that a home with mature trees in the yard can be very appealing. They provide shade on a hot summer’s day or beautiful foliage in the fall. Mature trees add a sense of sophistication and permanence to a home and can boost its value. But big trees can also cause major problems. If you’re buying a home with big trees, then this is what you need to consider.

It could be diseased or damaged

Big trees are often decades old, which means they’ve had plenty of time to become diseased or damaged. If you’re looking at a home with mature trees in the yard, then you need to look for indications that it may be having problems. Check for holes in the trunk, which could be a sign of infestation. Also, look for fractures and be suspicious of any tree that has a pronounced lean — it could topple over soon.

Big trees can make big messes

Another thing to consider when buying a home with large trees is that they can create big messes. If the tree loses its leaves in the fall, then think about how often you’ll need to rake to keep your yard tidy. Also, research what kinds of trees are in the yard. Do they shed seeds in spring or acorns in the fall? You’ll need to think about how much time you want to invest in looking after the mess that a tree can create.

Branches can be dangerous

The branches of a big tree can also be quite treacherous. Large branches can fall off in a storm. If branches are hanging over your roof or driveway, then they have the potential to cause serious damage or injury. This is especially true for dead branches. You’ll need to invest in having the dead material trimmed from the tree when you move in to avoid serious problems down the line.

Roots can cause problems

Big trees don’t simply consist of what you see above ground. Those mature trees have extensive root systems that can reach three times farther than the foliage itself. Roots can cause lots of problems including growing into pipes, septic tanks, utility lines, pavement, or even the foundation of your home. They can make it challenging to plant anything else as new plants will be competing with the established roots of the tree for food.

It can impact your garden

Do you have dreams of creating a vegetable garden in your new home? Then consider how much shade those big trees create. A mature tree can cast considerable shade over your yard, making it almost impossible to grow anything underneath except for the most shade-tolerant plants. Mature trees can also kill the grass beneath them. If you have your heart set on a lush, green lawn then a large tree can make that almost impossible.

You may need another inspection

Finally, when you’re buying a home with big trees you may need another inspection during the closing process. You should consider hiring a professional arborist to assess the condition of the tree and recommend if you should trim it or remove it altogether. A good arborist can help you decide whether or not that beautiful mature tree in the yard is actually an asset or a liability.

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