Staging a Kid’s Room When Selling

If you’re selling your home, then you know how important it is to stage it. Staging makes your home look polished and will help it stand out to prospective buyers. But it’s also important to know who those prospective buyers may be – including whether or not they have children. Buyers with young families will want to see what kind of living spaces will be available for their kids, including the bedrooms. If you’re in the process of staging a kid’s room, then here are our best tips to make it shine!

Declutter and depersonalize

One of the cardinal rules of staging your home for sale is decluttering and depersonalizing. This goes for kids’ rooms as well. Nobody wants to see toys strewn on the floor or highly personalized decor such as photographs, awards, and trophies. Remove all personal items and any furniture that isn’t needed. Box these items up and keep them in storage until you move.

Keep it neutral

We know how much kids love themed rooms with bright colors and their favorite characters. But when you’re selling, you should keep the decor on the neutral side. Repaint the walls in a neutral color and replace the linens, curtains, and other accessories if needed. When the room has a more neutral appearance, buyers will be able to envision themselves living there more easily. And a neutral room will still be appealing for those prospective buyers who may not have children.

Keep privacy in mind

It’s fun to personalize your child’s room with decor that features their name. But you should keep privacy in mind when you’re selling. If you have any items that display your child’s name, such as wall decals or art, then remove them before buyers visit your home. Not only will this help to protect your child’s privacy, but it will also make your buyers feel more comfortable. They won’t feel like they’re trespassing in someone else’s home and can instead imagine themselves living there.

Let in the light

Light is incredibly important when staging your home, especially in your kid’s room. Buyers will want to know that the room is a pleasant place for your child to spend time and light plays a key role in that. Let in as much natural light as possible. Replace heavy curtains or drapes with something lighter and make sure the window treatments are open during a showing. Supplement natural light with table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces. Painting the walls a light color will also help to reflect light in the room and make it feel more spacious.

Prepare for showings

If you’re living in your home while you’re selling, then you may think it will impossible to keep your child’s room looking show-ready. We admit it may be more difficult to keep things under control, but it is doable. It can be helpful to have a few empty totes stashed in the closet. That way, if you get a request for a last-minute showing you can quickly toss any clutter that has accumulated in them. Tuck the totes in an out-of-the-way place like the attic, or take them with you when you leave.

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